Photography By James

  • Seniors
  • Families
  • Schools
  • Weddings


The standard sitting includes one background with no change of clothes. Two or three arrangements may possibly be created to give you a different grouping along with the various expressions. This depends on a number of people and
cooperation of the small children to be photographed.

In large family portraits with adult children, who also have spouses and their own children our standard sitting would most likely include one grouping. If the desire to have each adult child’s family photographed separately and the grandchildren with the grandparents, of course, more time needs to be reserved. This must be discussed in advance and additional sitting fees will be charged.

With a typical father, mother and children sitting, the children may be photographed individually, all together or both. The parents often like to take the opportunity of having just the two of them photographed also.

Our studio is very flexible please feel free to ask about the various ways we may accommodate your needs, we will be certain to keep you informed of any additional charges.


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