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Every Wedding our studio is selected to photograph is offered equal time and a volume of proofs to capture all their wedding memories. However, many factors affect the photography on a bride’s wedding day. The seasonal time of the year may prevent outdoor portraits. The location that your ceremony and reception are held may not offer many areas that are open for photographic use. The person conducting the service at your ceremony may or may not have restrictions concerning photography. The location of your ceremony may have other services following your and the time for family and bridal party photographs may be limited. Planning ahead and allowing the time necessary for your photographer will result in the most variety and volume of proofs in your preview book.

All the above-mentioned situations increase or decrease the number of proofs in the preview book. The cooperation of the bride, groom, their parents and or other persons involved in coordinating your wedding day also affects your photography. *In addition to the contents of “The Selection of Excellence” and “The Bride’s Choice” you receive the proof of each enlargement made for your wedding package. This also includes the proof of any extra portrait placed with your original selection.

“The Wedding” Selection is the only package with any limitations. We start with the preparation of the Bride only at the location the ceremony is being held. The actual service is covered completely. The restriction of the person conducting your wedding ceremony will be honored. This may affect the quantity of proofs. Group photos will be taken afterward including the bridal party or personal family members you wish to include. This package does not include attendance of the photographer at the reception.

Remember, it is your very special day, let no one influence your decisions. Your portraits will be the recorded memories of your wedding day. Our studio has many suggestions but will honor your wishes.


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